Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Perfect String Thong Bikini

It's important to remember that however naked she looks, this woman is not legally naked.

Sometimes a design comes along that leaves you just breathless with its simplicity and eloquence. Take the string thong bikini pictured above. Seen from the rear, it's a rather standard string thong bikini -- nicely designed to show off the wearer's curves but nothing that hasn't been seen before. But when seen from the front, this bikini is a brilliant piece of design work, revealing that someone thought long and hard about what a string thong is and how it might obtain its fullest expression both in terms of beauty and functionality.

See what I mean? It's ALL thong! No unsightly flaps or folds or squares or triangles of cloth to mar the simplicity of the design, just the elegance of 3/4 of an inch of fabric spun into a string that conceals every bit of the wearer's naughty bits and keeps her from legally being naked. Brilliant!

These images were created by the good folks at Bikini Dare. We don't know if they designed it or are just promoting it, but in any event, I think all guys owe them a vote of thanks for thinking about it and understanding it. You can find examples of similar suits and others that are even more revealing (though sadly, they do not prevent legal nakedness) at their website. Way to go, guys!


Anonymous said...

Too bad the Mexicans didn't have these in your previous blog

You wouldn't have noticed the smiling

Pat Powers said...

"I definitely feel that these thongs should supplant all other thongs for use in TV and movie productions and also in real life. I'm not holding my breath on that one, however.