Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Guess what happens next

"OK, I'm ready for my big surprise now!"

Guess what happens next:

1. At the last minute, the CSI force sweeps in, captures the baddies, and rescues the damsel, much to her dismay.

2. Earthquake!!!

3. The mother-in-law makes an unannounced visit, letting herself in with the key her son gave her.

4. Thong goes down, dildo goes in.

Answer in comments section.

Image courtesy of Jasmine is gorgeous and has some gorgeous playgirls who join her for lesbian bondage scenes. Tres hot.

1 comment:

Pat Powers said...

Answer is:

5. None of the above.

Ned Flanders sweeps into the room and hastily throws a sheet over the woman lest she give rise to impure thoughts.

Thankyew. Thankyewverymuch.