Friday, February 12, 2010

Avatars in Heat!

"I'm not a sex slave ... I'm just drawn that way!" (A portion of the header for the 3Dkinkdotcom site.)

It had to happen eventually. Some porn site looked at all the people whooping it up kinky style in Second Life and decided to cut themselves in all that action for a profit.

At least, that is what I surmise is the origin of's 3Dkink site. On you can pick and customize an avatar and then violate that avatar with a variety of sex toys and a variety of other avatars, in various dungeons, and film your exploits and post them to non-profit websites. You can also develop custom animations and poses for your kinky avatar.

Those who think of SL Gor as just kinky sex in cartoon form (I'm looking at you, kinkynapper) will imagine I am very interested in joining that site. Whereas in truth my interest in it is zero, or nearly so. All it has is the kinky sex imagery, and the thing about SL Gor is ... it's not JUST about the sex. It's the adventure, the roleplay, the fighting, the fun. 3dkink is a very well appointed dungeon. SL Gor is an entire WORLD.

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