Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Grant Morrison To Take Wonder Woman Back To Her Bondage Roots

Christina Carter plays a Wonder Woman-ish superheroine and winds up naked, tied in a standing spreadeagle and relentlessly dildoed in a video for A sign of things to come from DC?

A post on the Comics Alliance blog indicates that famous comics writer Grant Morrison plans to have a new version of Wonder Woman out in 2012. The post says:

In a lengthy and in-depth conversation with attendees of this year's Edinburgh Book Festival in Scotland, comics writer Grant Morrison indicated his long in-the-works Wonder Woman project may finally appear in 2012, that it will be influenced by the character's fetishistic roots in the original comics by William Moulton Marston

Apparently Morrison plans to reconcile Wonder Woman's bondage beginnings (as detailed in my article here) with current feminism, which considering the enraged opposition female bondage faces from many feminists, is going to be a chore to say the least. Will it be controversial amid the nest of snarly SNAGs and prudo-feminists that are all too common in the comics world? You betcha!

It's a wonderful idea, and if well executed it might be a breakthrough work for Wonder Woman, and Morrison by all accounts is a brilliant writer who might just be able to manage it. But I'm having a lot of trouble with the thought that DC Comics, Wonder Woman's publisher, would greenlight the comic. Remember, comic books themselves are a niche market, the comic publishers make their big money from the blockbuster movies that superhero comics keep generating. And I can see a studio exec going, "Look boys, we really can't have Wonder Woman getting into the bondage if we want to sell tickets to movies with her in them. It's still a family audience out there."

Well I guess we will find out next year, if the world doesn't end. Whether the world ends or DC greenlights bondage Wonder Woman is an interesting bet ... perhaps the one will lead to the other!


Sasha said...

We can only hope !!

Pat Powers said...

Got my fingers AND toes crossed, and you know I mean it 'cause it's really hard to type like that!

Marc said...

Good for him.