Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Duelling Butt Plugs

"I'm sorry, I haven't introduced you two to one another ... something you should probably do when you're naked and butthooked to one another." Courtesy of Sex and Submission!

Sex and has come up with a nice, imaginative bondage I've not seen before -- two naked women, cuffed arms overhead, each wearing a pony tail. A rope is tied to the base of one woman's ponytail and then ties to a butthook, which is hooked into the OTHER woman's butt. The ropes are short enough that the butthooks keep the other woman's head pulled well back. Finally, the hooks are also tied directly to one another ... a safety thing, I suspect.

Then Mark Davis takes a vibrator to one of the women's pussy, inducing some fairly intense squirming and writhing, and of course that induces some intense squirming and writhing as the vibrated woman's butt pulls on her ponytail and the vibrated woman's head pulls on her butt plug.

Fiendish! And brilliant!

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