Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Outlaw of Gor: The MST3K Version

Mike, Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot watch a scene from "Outlaw of Gor." Image source: Vidcap from "Outlaw of Gor" as presented by Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Today Bondage Television is proud to present "Outlaw of Gor" as screened by the guys of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (aka MST3K). Not just a brief clip, the entire damn 90 minute "movie." I say "movie" because as a movie on its own Outlaw of Gor is a miserable, dull, bottom-of-the-barrel sword and sandal movie. But this is just the sort of thing that the MST3K gang can feast on, and it's considered by MST3K fans to be one of their funniest outings. And they've had some DAMN funny outings. It's the extra layer of commentary that makes the movie worthwhile.

It sure as hell isn't the bondage or the sexy slavegirl imagery, because there's damn little of that. As I point out in my review of the movie in my book Slavegirls on TV and In the Movies: The Hottitude of Servitude, all of the white-hot focus on the sexy slavegirls and all the bondage and dominance they get into that are the defining element in the Gor novels that are the inspiration of the movie, is sublimated into a strange fascination with silly hats in Outlaw of Gor.

I'm no psychologist so I'm not sure what caused this strange phenomenon, but the general weirdness that results from studiously ignoring the 800-pound sex slavery gorilla in the movie and at the SAME TIME trying to ever-so-subtly play it up to make the movie sexier even though everyone connected with the film was clearly a ham-fisted idiot, created a weird tension and strained awfulness that was red meat for the MST3K gang to feed on.

Watch. Enjoy. It's a hoot!

An image like this would fit quite naturally into any of the Gor novels, it's well within the technology and the culture of the people of the Gor novels, but there is nothing even remotely as sexy as this in the "Outlaw of Gor" movie. The difference is, the people who created this image knew what they were doing. Image source:

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