Friday, March 2, 2012

Anne Hathaway: Nude, Bound Gagged And Fucked ?

The two photos on the left are of movie star Anne Hathaway. The two photos on the right are of bondage model/actress Iona Grace. Not twins, perhaps, but the resemblance is ... clonish!Image source:

Nope. Just cloned. Apparently, the usual army of mad scientists are making clones of movie stars for purposes which are almost certainly nefarious, and then releasing them on the unsuspecting general public. Unfortunately for them, SOME members of the general public are very suspecting!

As the pictures above indicate, Iona Grace, star of such films of "You Can't Put That There Even If You Have Me All Tied Up!" and "Why Did You Put That There?" and "Please Put That There Again, I'm All Tied Up!" does bear a suspicious resemblance to Anne Hathaway, star of such films as "The Devil Wears Prada," "Get Smart" and my personal favorite of her oeuvre, "Ella Enchanted."

You may be wondering, "What would an actress who looks kinda like Anne Hathaway look like if she was nude, ballgagged and hogtied? Voila! Image source:

"Ella Enchanted" is a favorite because it's the story of a young girl who's put under a curse that forces her to do whatever she's told to do, whether she wants to or not. It's strictly family-style fairy-tale stuff but of course, there's a definite element of submission there. Plus, Ella gets tied over a cooking pot by ogres, chained to a tree and manacled by medieval cops. So there's that!

Also of some potential interest -- what would a woman who looks kinda like Anne Hathaway, even if she is actually Iona Grace, look like if she were bound, naked, bit-gagged and forced, perhaps by a fairy godmother's spell, to walk along a rope with big thick knots in it that press deep into her pussy every time she walks over them, which of course she does a lot. Note: not a scene from "Ella Enchanted"! Image source:

Given the nature of "Ella Enchanted" a bondage porn parody of the film would be a natural. I'm not holding my breath, however, as it would require sets and a script and costumes, expenses not usually associated with porn films of any kind.

Some might also wonder, what would a woman who looks kinda like Anne Hathaway look like if she were suspended in a spread eagle, breast bound, ball gagged, and fucked with a strap-on by a woman who does not look at all like Anne Hathaway, but is still quite pretty? Its a fairly commonplace and simple thought, something that might occur to you walking down the street or going to the store, like the notion that humankind is simply materialized color operating on the 49th vibration. Image source:


Pat Powers said...
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Pat Powers said...

Lets see if I can manage that with a link that only needs clicking on:

In case you were wondering, that last caption refers to this.

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