Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Slave Training On The Sly

The Big Bang Theory is a show that is about the private lives of a group of professionally brilliant physicists and engineers, chief among them Sheldon, the brightest and also the most socially handicapped.

I was predisposed to like the show when it came out but after a season or so of watching it casually I stopped because a lot of the humor was played to an audience that was, frankly, dumber than me, and they dumbed down the characters too. But the show did have its moments. Checking out a fun blog by an Aussie submissive (an O/p relationship as she describes it, i.e., Owner/property) I found a link to a Youtube clip of Sheldon doing a little operant conditioning, or as it might better be described, secret slave training, of Penny.

Hey, check out the hot, naked, large breasted bondage babe kneeling and sucking her Mistress' dildo below!

"Chocolate?" Image source:

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