Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Amazon Gets Explored

"Mmmmgh gllrrbb gggrrrhhhgg!" (Translation: "Great Hera! I'm coming! I'm COOOOMIIING!" Image source:

Had to run this pic, it's a Wonder-Womanish superheroine, I think played by Christina Carter, though it's kind of hard to tell under the circumstances, getting her brains minioned out. I think it's a great, cartoonish pic, the sort of thing that could show up as a panel in a Wonder Woman cartoon if censorship issues didn't exist. There's even a very plausible set-up for a LOT of imagery of this sort in Wonder Woman's mythos.

It seems that back before Wonder Woman was born, in ancient Greece, Wonder Woman's mother was tricked by Hercules (a bad guy in Wonder Woman's mythology) and as a result she and all the other Amazons were enslaved by Hercules and his buddies. Hence the scene above, and many, many others like it, could be canon, if censorship were not the rule.

We're talking a franchise of Amazons in bondage films! Image source:

And speaking of thrusting deep into Amazons, an article on IO9 reveals that the mightiest Amazon, i.e., the river down in South America, is now accessible via Google Street View. You can explore the Amazon without getting bitten by a single mosquito, poisonous snake or jaguar. I know, it sucks, but it's still pretty damn cool!

"Hey, I think I saw a fish!" Image source: IO9.

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