Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blood Meridian: When Bridesmaids Go Bad!

"Ok, ok, no more pink and green polka dot bridesmaids dresses!" Image source: vidcap from Ill Bill and Vinnie Paz' music video "Blood Meridian."

Well as far as I'm concerned this is just another bad heavy metal rap video, but it DOES have lots and lots of images of a blonde bound and gagged. So it gets credit for that. I think she was overdressed ... bridal dress and all ... but still, some nice emoting by the damsel and a variety of scenes of the damsel in bondage. Not gonna make my bondage television channel, which is moribund of late, but I'll save that for quality stuff.

So check it out!

If only they had gone to the folks at Kink for costuming and staging advice! Image source:

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