Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Karg Now Available For Sale on Amazon

Art created by Pat Powers. For reals!

Karg has been out of print since Mobipocket folded its publishing operation. But you can't keep a good book down, so I've updated it for Amazon. The success of L. D. James' Fifty Shades of Gray has, well, a LOT to do with my decision to bring the erotic romance with a science fiction twist back into "print." (It's an E-book for kindle and other devices.) You can buy Karg on Amazon at this link.

If you're unsure of what you're getting into, you can read several chapters of Karg for free at a link found on the Amazon page. It's a hard book to quantify, it can be described as an erotic romance, a science fiction romance, a fantasy romance, it has elements of a paranormal romance (artificially induced telepathy) and let's face it, some might just call it bondage porn. Or porn. Though that term is generally reserved for visual sexual imagery, and Karg is ALL about the words, baby!

Readng the free samples of Karg might help you decide for yourself, that's why it's a good diea. In another sense, it's probably a terrible idea ... you WILL want to buy the book after you read the sample chapters. Just a friendly warning ... heh.

People who remember Karg's old book cover will notice I've changed it, for the better I think. Let's face it, Karg is not about the relationship between a woman and her dinosaur. It's about the relationship between a woman and her man ... many men, in fact. And a couple of women. And though there ARE dinosaur-like creatures in the books, they are in NO way romantic leads!

Anyway, a brief description of the Karg:

Karg is the story of Susan Yearby, an astronaut who, along with her lover Tully, is marooned on a primitive planet full of dinosaur-like giant lizards, warriors and slave girls. Separated from Tully when an unknown enemy blows up their lander and forces their mother ship to feel the area, Susan is quickly captured and enslaved by the primitives who live on the area. Somehow, she must find Tully and make her way across this strange planet full of perils and pitfalls while enslaved, find Tully, and discover what attacked their lander. It's a tall order, but even naked and in chains, Susan has resources her captors cannot even guess at ... and a blazing determination to find her way back to Tully and civilization.

So buy the book. It will have plenty of scenes like this:

Well, kinda like this! Image source: