Saturday, May 19, 2012

Claire Adams Named Director of Hogtied and Device Bondage at Kink

Claire Adams (top, not upside down, not gagged, not cuffed or shackled) works on personnel relations at Image source: has announced that Claire Adams has been promoted to Director of its Hogtied and Device Bondage websites, according to a report in Adult Video News.

"Like any modern corporation, we are always on the lookout for employees who will prove to be exceptional managers," said Vice President and Corporate Slug Dremel von Mototool. "Ms. Adams has shown a skill in fucking and tormenting her fellow employees that clearly shows she is management material. She is very proactive and forward-thinking in the area of rendering employees completely helpless and then using them like animals," added von Mototool. "We look forward to her continued contributions to our firm."

Adams (rear, wearing strap-on) demonstrates her skill in getting the most out of subordinates. Image source: Wired

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Pat Powers said...

Dremel von Mototool is probably made up, as are his quotes, just in cace you hadn't guessed.