Friday, May 4, 2012

So You Want To Write Erotica ...

"All right, I'll write some erotica, but it's going to be hard ... under the circumstances. Couldn't I just writhe instead? People say I writhe really well!"
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Well the 50 Shades of Gray media juggernaut keeps spawning silliness, and I just can't stay away from it. Today's story: my flying monkeys found a story called So You Want To Write Erotica in a very unlikely place: a website for a local news station, ABC News 10 in Sacramento, California.

The article breezily assures readers that writing erotica is easy as pie, that you can write about anything, anywhere. I had no idea! But the thing that amazed me about the article that it was on a local news station website. I haven't watched local news in years, ever since I noticed that it was all basically crap. But I do remember from my old local news station watching days that their attitude about sex was that 1) it didn't exist, 2) if it did exist, it was all basically evil and horrible and 3) except during sweeps weeks when you ran anything you could find about sex with this creepy, hypocritical "this is so sexy, ain't it awful" vibe to it so you couldn't be accused of being for that evil, horrible sex that viewers like so much.

The truly AMAZING thing about the erotica article other than its breezy assurance that writing erotica was a snap, was that it didn't have that creepy, hypocritical vibe that in my experience local news stations ALWAYS cover sexually-related stories with. It was a local news station straight-up ENCOURAGING readers to get out there and write some erotica, dammit!

Will wonders never cease?

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