Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jean-Leon Gerome: Bringing Class To Paga Taverns in Second Life Gor

"Romans! Check out this barbarian woman! She actually shaves her armpits! You know what that means ... she will do ANYTHING in your furs!" Image source: Jean-Leon Gerome: The Complete Works. Check it out for many more images of slavegirls being sold and lounging about in harems.

Back in the 1800s, there was no bondage porn. There was porn, but it was mostly very crappy stuff. Fortunately, there was Art. And some artists found that the public really liked images of harems and slave girls being sold and and looking all sexy and sensuous in harems.

One of the chief among them was Jean-Leon Gerome, a painter of the Academist style who lived and worked in France in the latter part of the 18th Century. The reason I discovered him is, whenever someone in Second Life Gor decorates a paga tavern or a slave kennel, or sometimes their own hovel, and they want to give things a "classy" look, about half the time they'll use paintings by Gerome.

As I've noted before, an awful lot of women play in Second Life Gor.

I find it amusing that this kinda stick-in-the-mud artist who disliked Impressionism but clearly had NO problem illustrating slavegirl fantasies, should show up so often in an obscure virtual world environment a century after his death (in 1904). The world is an interesting place, indeed.

I personally prefer less tasteful tavern art. Paga taverns are supposed to be raunchy. Image source: