Friday, June 15, 2012

Lee Newton Has A Celebrity Clone:'s Lorelei Lee

Upper left: picture of Lee Newton, hostess of the web series Sourcefed, upper right, model/actress and obvious bondage clone of Lee Newton, Lorelei Lee. Lower left, Lorelei Lee in a ballgag, lower right, Lee Newton from a photo in Maxim. Image sources:, Sourcefed and Maximonline.

Lee Newton is a commentator on the popular news and commentary Web series SourceFed, which provides commentary on politics, social phenomenon, gaming, movies, etc. aimed at young adults. Newton's aided and abetted by fellow commentators Joe Beretta and Elliot Morgan. The three of them are skilled and funny presenters who almost invariably make the stories they cover entertaining.

Like most celebrity clones, Lorelei Lee engages in onscreen hi-jinks not indulged in by her clone sister, Lee Newton. Well, that's clone biz! Image source: (yes, Ts stands for transexual in this case. Not my taste, but then, neither is Steve Zaragoza.)

(There is a fourth Sourcefed commentator, Steve Zaragoza, who is becoming increasingly frequent in his appearances, whom I can't stand. He's as articulate as the others but projects a desperate, "you must love me" vibe that completely creeps me out. It's bad enough when women are like that, but men who do it ... geesh! YMMV, as clearly, others are not reacting as I have.)

Newton recently made, or as the SourceFed crew says, "cracked" the Maxim Hot 100, the 100 hottest women in the world according to Maxim readers. Newton's inclusion may have been the result of an email campaign by SourceFed fans, but it's fair to say that Newton is plenty hot enough to be a credible candidate for the Maxim list. She came in at No. 57, above quite a few famous beauties, including ... Stephen Colbert????? It's like not everybody takes an official list of hot women by a laddie mag seriously! (And seriously, WTG, Maxim!)

Here's an image of Lee Newton licking a lollipop in a way that should establish her hotness! Image source: a tumblr site tagged sourcefed. Yeah, I know, tumblr. But such a great pic!

But what Lee Newton mostly projects on SourceFed is a certain Midwestern wholesomeness, a curvy blond with blue eyes and a disarming smile, which makes her wit and smart delivery all the more effective. Nothing wrong with wholesome!

It should be no surprise that Lorelei Lee, given her resemblance to Lee Newton, also can project "wholesome" when she wants to, though given the sort of things she gets up to on, "innocent" may be a bit of a stretch. Image source: Device

I must admit, it is possible that the resemblance that Lorelei Lee and Lee Newton share MIGHT be the result of a coincidence and not the result of strange experiments in cloning conducted by mad scientists at some time in the past. But really, which story do you WANT to believe? If you WANT to believe it, it must be the truth ... just ask any Republican!


Jonty said...

I've got to say Pat, all these fluorescent yellow condoms are cracking me up.
Not complaining though, the last thing I want to see is the erect dick of some bozo who can't get a "proper" job!

Pat Powers said...

Well I figure if you really want to see the cocks, it's not hard to figure out how, just go to and poke around. But also, I suspect that keeping images of penetration out of the blog will keep it from being censored by some. I personally have no problem with the cocks, but I consider a lot of the blog's purpose to be to point out what's out there, so to speak. Can't do that if you're censored. I'm sure I'm censored as it is, but you really can't report on bondage imagery if you can't show any of it.

Jonty said...

Well thanks for the lecture Pat, but the only reason I turn up here is because I enjoy your sense of humour & was trying to reciprocate.
Maybe I should keep my big fat naked, unprotected nose out of your blog!

Pat Powers said...

No, no, comments are always welcome. I just took this as an opportunity to explain why I do the flourescent yellow condoms. I don't like doing them. I should probably write a post about it, though.

Anonymous said...

You guys are funny. Jonty chillax.

Anonymous said...

The really don't look much alike.
Facial structure is different, nose is different , eyes are different.

honestly, I can't imagine that shed be mistaken for Lee.