Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sexy Rope Bondage's Appeal Beautifully Explained

Tied naked and suspended in midair with her legs spread wide, all the sexy damsel in distress could do was enjoy the whole experience tremendously. Image source:

"Got Rope?" the post asks. Written by Mollena, The Perverted Negress (AKA The Executive Pervert, AAKA Trembling, Delicate Flower of Submission) it's a post about the appeal of rope bondage for the bondagee. It's written beautifully. I've tried to put my my feelings about the pleasure of having a naked, bound woman at my mercy, and the best I can do is, "Grrr, Arrrgh!" Check it out, if you've ever wonder what a woman could possibly see in bondage, here's a pretty good explanation.

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