Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Vote For Republicans Is A Vote Against Your Freedom To See Porn

You like being able to find images like this tasty bit of superhero bondage on the Internet? Then don't vote Republican in November, because they have officially come out against porn of all kinds, for all ages. Image source: sex and

One of the little things that has happened in this year's Republican convention is this: a plank was slipped into the Republican Party platform that calls for the VIGOROUS enforcement of current obscenity laws.

The laws against obscenity haven't changed over the last 30 years, they just have not been enforced, except for child porn laws, which HAVE been enforced vigorously. Not coincidentally, in past years the Republican platform has called for vigorous prosecution against child porn.

The year, the platform calls for vigorous prosecution against ALL porn. Internet porn, cable porn, you name it. And Mitt Romney has given Patrick Trueman, the nutjob head of Morality in Media, assurances that he will vigorously prosecute porn if elected President.

Now you may be thinking that porn will not be a big priority for Romney, and of course you are right. Romney is primarily a plutocrat, his main concern will be to continue the looting of the American middle class and increasing the control of corporations and wealthy individuals over American government. But that's EXACTLY why a vigorous censorship campaign would work well for Romney: like abortion and gay marriage, it will get middle class conservatives invested in their politics and distract middle class liberals from all the looting that is going on.

It's a win-win for them, a lose-lose for middle class Americans who like porn. So don't let Romney get into a position to win-win against you. Vote Democratic in November, if you don't want the dark days of censorship to return to America, and also if you don't like being robbed blind by the one percent. (To be fair, the Democrats are in league with the plutocrats too, but they rob much more slowly and carefully, sort of an installment plan, whereas with the Republicans it's more like a stickup.)

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