Friday, August 3, 2012

Goodbye, Movie Star News, Hello Bound Panda Gang Bang ... Bwuh?

Betty Page, the woman who will forever be associated with Movie Star News and Irv Klaw thanks to Senator Estes Kefauver ... though apparently, other less famous people were in the Movie Star New collection. Image source: the 1950s. Really, this photo is all over the Web, hard to pin it down.
The flying monkeys recently brought in news that the Movie Star News collection has been sold to an auction house for an undisclosed sum, but given that the collection is estimated to be worth $150 million, it was probably a fairly huge undisclosed sum. Entertainment Collectibles, the purchaser, will auction off the collection, which includes 1,500 images of Betty Page, in a series of sales next year. Sad to see the collection going up for auction, but maybe the new owners will do something cool with it, you never know.

And in a weird "when one door closes, a window opens" Portal-ish kind of way, on the same day that my flying monkeys brought in the news about Movie Star News, they brought in a story from the Sex SF blog, which is described as the San Francisco Guardian Online's local sex-positive blog, called "Inside A Panda Gang Bang, From A Woman Who Has Been There."

"Quiet on the set, please! All right you pandas ... action!" Image source: Bound Gang

The article consists of interviews with Princess Donna, the filmmaker who created the film, and Ashli Orion, its star. Now the thing that I found remarkable about this article was that it read exactly like a "golly gee-whiz" kind of actor interview for a mainstream movie in a mainstream magazine, and was in fact published in a blog associated with a mainstream publication (the ads are from the San Francisco Museum of Mondern Art" not "" like, er, my new ads). You know, a kind of mainstream-ish publication.

What a long way that is from what Betty Page went through back in the 1950s, summoned before Congress because she was posing while tied up and gagged, but in underwear. Two pairs of underwear! (Really, there was a rule about it, read the article on Movie Star News.) Very tame stuff by modern standards, but enough to get her called before Congress. Now in 2012, we have actresses taking about their experiences filming a short film about what it's like to play a role that involved being tied up and gang-banged by a group of guys dressed in panda suits, all very, very explicitly (see pic above).

I think this is a good thing, getting the lines of communications open between the porn industry and the mainstream folks who are its consumers, so they can see that the actors and actresses involved are just people, like them, albeit really uninhibited people.

What a long way we have come, I hope we continue down this road.

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