Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Job Skill I Did Not Even Know I Had

It's a good thing you can't see what's behind the yellow blob, because ... because ... well, just BECAUSE! Image source: Sex and

The guys at Rocket News 24 website found a fascinating ad, for guys to put video mosaics over women's genitals in Japanese adult videos. The firm seeking the censorship artiste is Soft On Demand, which creates such classics as "Lunchbreak Rooftop Bondage with Female Co-Workers." It's clearly a dream job for some ... focusing right in on those throbbing body parts and mosaicing them out so OTHERS can't focus in on them.

Clearly, in my pathetic attempts to keep this blog from being XXX or something like it by covering up male genitals with yellow blobs, I am ALREADY qualified to do this job. But I have no interest in it. It's a PITA enough to censor out the genitals here. Especially with that stupid dick-waggling Black Label ad negating all my efforts. The life of a blogger is no easy one, but I imagine being a full-time censor would be even worse.

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