Monday, September 10, 2012

Another Network Toys With Wonder Woman

What's this? Have I scored advance publicity photos of a new Wonder Woman TV series? Stay tuned! Image source: to be revealed later!

The Jezebel blog has a report out that a new Wonder Woman television series may be in the offing. Execs at the CW television network are reportedly looking hard at a pilot for the series.

The news probably comes as bittersweet news to fans of Wonder Woman. So many movie and TV execs have toyed with their hopes so many times, and left them dashed so many times in the decades since the great Lynda Carter series in the 1980s. Most notably, a David E. Kelley Wonder Woman pilot got made and then rejected by NBC, much to the dismay of fans. However, in that case the script was so badly written that it left the folks at Topless Robot wondering if they had hired some bum off the street to do the actual scriptwriting.

It would be great to have a Wonder Woman show on TV again, if only for purposes of snarkery. Given the snakebit history of attempts to revive the Wonder Woman franchise, we can only hope that somewhere out there on the Web some creative people are truly fulfilling the potential of a female Amazonian superheroine. In fact, I have written an article showing how even mainstream media might fulfill her potential.

Bound and gagged, The Superheroine Who Somewhat Resembles Wonder Woman But Is DEFINITELY Not Wonder Woman could only watch while her lovely young assistant was stripped, forced into a straightjacket, and then vigorously minioned by two minions at once! Image source: Well I guess there ARE web people who are exploring that Amazonian superheroine dynamic, in this case, the good folks at Sex and And yes, the pic at the top of the page comes from the same source. Not that I fooled anybody ... heh.

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