Sunday, September 2, 2012

Jenna Louise Coleman Part 2: Even More Naked, Fucked and Tied or ... Even More Cloned?

The incredible two-headed TV/porn star! On the left, the actress who'll be playing Dr. Who's new gorgeous young associate, Jenna Louise Coleman, and on the right, Melissa Jacob, porn star. Image source: left, publicity photo, on the right,wired

So I've noticed that there are a lot of people reading my story about Jenna Louise Coleman's celebrity clone from In my previous story I did not identify the clone, and I didn't take note of the really striking resemblance of Coleman to her clone, Melissa Jacob. As you can see from the image above, remarkably similar. this clone has not deviated much from the original at all in appearance, although the porny tendencies of celebrity clones are fully realized here. (See below.)

Ever wonder what Jenna Louise Coleman would like like if she were stripped naked, tied to a table, ball gagged and relentlessly molested by a naked blonde woman? Probably a lot like this, as this is her celebrity clone, Melissa Jacob. Image source: Wired

Jacob is a former Penthouse Pet and a former Hustler centerfold, and has done several shoots for She holds a degree in accounting and a certificate in esthetics (a branch of philosophy dealing with beauty and the beautiful. Hmm, judging from her photos, she probably was able to crib for the course just by looking in a mirror). No, I'm not kidding. She has a long term relationship with a man and that probably has something to do with the fact that she will do lesbian sex, sexual bondage, and sex toy play, but will not have sex with men.

Jacobs gets along VERY well with machines, however, in this case giving us a pretty good idea what Jenna Louise Coleman would look like if she were tied to a chair at wrists and ankles and subjected to a piston-driven dildo and a vibrator at the same time, while wearing nipple clamps. This is mad science at its best! Image source: Fucking

Clearly, the unknown mad scientist who cloned Melissa Jacob (possibly this fellow, he looks the type) did a great job, but also wanted to cover his tracks, as Coleman is a Brit while Jacob hails from California ... literally a world apart. Coleman attended school in England where she held the suspiciously porny title of Head Girl, though apparently it is NOT what it sounds like it is. A shame.

Coleman is a familiar face in England, having played in a number of British soap operas, television shows and movies. She's probably best known in the United States for her role as Connie in "Captain America, The First Avenger." But I suspect Coleman's role as Oswin in the upcoming season of Doctor Who will bring her much more attention in the United States.

In an early episode of Dr. Who, Oswin shows some gumption by knocking over a Dalek and destroying it by straddling it and covering its destructor nozzle with her pussy, despite being naked, ball gagged and tied by the Dalek's lesbian cadre of super minions ... wait ... this just in ... that's actually Melissa Jacob in a scene from Public Disgrace. Well ... a natural mistake to make!

Of course, it COULD be that Coleman and Jacob are not clones at all, just actresses who happen to look very much like one another despite their very different birthplaces, identified as clones by some idiot blogger based on their superficial resemblance to one another. But on a planet with a mere seven billion human beings inhabiting it, what are the odds of that happening? You can see why I like my celebrity clone theory!


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