Friday, October 19, 2012

Everything Old is Re-Contextualized Again

Everything old is new again, but maybe in a different context. Serena Blair puts on a ballgag while wearing sexy underwear on Youtube. Source: this Youtube video.

Found this video on Youtube. There are a fair amount of videos like it of attractive young women in underwear posing in various forms of bondage on Youtube. And the thing about Youtube is, it doesn't do porn. Note that Selma is wearing underwear and not appearing to be in the midst of having an orgasm, for example.

But the reason I think this video is worth mentioning at all is that it reminds me so forcefully of videos like these:

This is bondage porn, circa 1970. Image source: Close-Up Concepts video advertisements.

Now in the early-1970s, late-1960s, these videos were PORN. You couldn't get them through regular retail channels, you had to buy them through porn distribution channels like adult bookstores and the ads in the back of adult magazines. Even though the women were more clothed than Serena Blair in her Youtube video, it was PORN ... in those days. (Granted, Close-Up Concepts and others sometimes featured nudity in their videos, but in many videos, there was no nudity.)

This beautifully illustrates the arbitrariness of the line that delineates that which is porn, and that which is not porn. And makes you wonder what porn actually is.

How long will it be until this is not considered to be porn. Never? Are you certain? They may be naked, but they are not having sex. It looks like painful bondage gymnastics of some kind. It may be an Olympic Sport some day. Image source: