Monday, October 15, 2012

Gor Made Flesh?

In this exciting outtake from the never-produced movie "Captives of Gor," kajiras are taught to position themselves in the "she-sleen" pose in a Gorean kennel. That, or it's a photo from's Training of O site.

So over on the Bondage Blog, the fellow who runs the blog has written an interesting post about how the Internet has finally brought to life some of the things he used to see in his mind when reading the Gor novels.

He is exactly right. Some of the images created by and other online bondage sexytime creators would fit right into an adult film based on Gor. It's an interesting observation. Hollywood created two Gor movies, neither of which had any of the appeal that made Gor novels so popular back in the 1970s and 80s. It took adult media creators to create visual images that matched those in the depraved minds of Normans' readers.

It reminds me powerfully of the lag between the creation of really good, well written science fiction novels and the first science fiction movies that didn't look ridiculously stupid. Back in the 1950s and 60s, the Golden Age of science fiction, writers were producing stories that were topnotch in every respect. Written SF was a wonderland of brilliant stories and new ideas, but science fiction in the movies and on television were still in the Dark Ages for the most part.

There were a few SF TV series that tried to mine the gold in the Golden Age of science fiction, specifically, the anthology series Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. They made a few brilliant episodes, like "Demon With A Glass Hand" and "It's A Wonderful Life," but for the most part the scripts were mediocre and the visuals were feeble stuff indeed.

Left, we have Zharkov's spaceship from the 1936 serial "Flash Gordon,' and right, we have the spaceship from the 1961 B movie "The Phantom Planet." Frankly, I'm gonna have to give the edge to Flash Gordon. The medium simply did not do a lot of developing with regard to space imagery for 30 fricking years. And it was not the fault of the goddamn Hayes Code for once!

It was about 20 years before moviemakers developed the tech to make SF films that could match written SF visually. I know the exact scene where they did it:

Any circa-1976 science fiction fan who did not loudly proclaim "Holy Crap!" when they saw this while getting chills all over their body was NOT a true fan! Image source: Vidcap from the opening scene of "Star Wars: A New Hope."

Since then, CGI has progressed to the point where stuff like this was possible:

HOLY CRAP!!!!! Image source: I think this one's from Attack of the Clones, but it might be from Revenge of the Sith. Did I mention, "HOLY CRAP!!!???"

And there has really been no matching improvement in visual imagery for things like the Gor novels in the movies or on television. Take the Gor movies, please:

As a review by another Gor fan put it, "Sadly, it does not get any better than this." This fur bikini clad slavegirl is really not any advance from the 1950s fur bikini clad cavegirls and slavegirls. I know, because I WROTE A FRIKKING BOOK ON THE TOPIC! Image source: The MST3K version of "Outlaw of Gor."

Now is producing some VERY tasty imagery that, as the Bondage Blogger points out, does match some of the imagery in the Gor novels, specifically, the imagery about slavegirls, and how they are used, and trained and so forthed. is really good on the slavegirl using parts, you gotta give them that! Image source: Sex and

But here's the thing. SL Gor novels were not JUST about the sexy slavegirls, any more than SF movies were just about spaceships. There was a LOT more to them than that. There was adventure and beauty and fighting and well, a completely realized alien world., for all its skill at realizing the slavegirly portions of the Gor novels, has never made the effort to realize the other aspects of the Gor novels, because it's just not where their focus is.

But there IS a technology and a place where the Gor novels HAVE been realized. That technology is virtual worlds. That place is Second Life Gor. They have the whole package there, in a format more immersive than any mere movie will ever be. And yeah, I'm sure that a lot of you saw that coming.

But here's what makes this approach different. I'm going to write an article about SL Gor for Bondagerotica. I'm working on an article about the COMPLETENESS of SL Gor. It will have a LOT of pictures. I will let the beauty of SL Gor do its own talking.

See that gorgeous city partially obscured by Uncanny Vallerie? It's not just a backdrop. It's a place. You can travel around in it. The sim's builder went to a lot of trouble to design and build it so it looked just right. It exists because Goreans do other things than train and use slavegirls. Honest! Image source: Uncanny Vallerie in one of the Piedmont sims in SL Gor.


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