Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Help Identify The Unknown Slave Girl

Hell, a picture of a hot, naked woman in chains and a collar from the distant past that I've never seen. An interesting mystery lies here, and not just "how could I have missed this?" Image source: the Gorean Life tumbler.

Over on the Gorean Life tumbler, the blogger has posted this pic he says he found on a vinyl record somewhere ... I'm thinking album cover art, or more likely, liner art because album cover art is all over the freaking Web nowadays.

Anyway, the clue is vinyl record and the image you see above. I know my readers know their bondage arcana cold, thought I'd post about it and maybe ask over on Brian's Page as well, and see if we can help this fellow out. Anybody have any answers? It's one white hot piece of art and comes from the days when a sexy chained slavegirl like that would get NOTICED because there wasn't a lot else out there like it in mainstream media.

Images like this tend to put traditional media images of slavegirls in perspective. Sex and

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Pat Powers said...

We have a winner. It's Cher. Someone Else over on Brians Page called it and posted a link showing another photo of her in the same outfit looking more Cher-like.