Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ahead Of My Time ... Six Years Ago ...

Six years ago, I thought the readers of America were ready for this! And maybe they were ... but Fifty Shades of Grey didn't happen until this year ... Image source:, and that is contortionist and bondage model wenona looking unusually gorgeous.

Found this old thread I started on Literotica six years ago ... wow. I had noticed a lot of mildly kinky stories in various "hot" imprints of various romance publishers and correctly deduced that there was a lot interest in BDSM style romances among those readers. I wondered if the form would evolve further.

What I did not anticipate, of course, is that romance readers would abandon traditional romance publishes for ebook publishers en masse, or that fanfic would be the source of a whole new generation of romance writers with much more direct and powerful ways of writing about sex.

Resulting in Fifty Shades of Grey, of course. But still ... I knew SOMETHING was up ...

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