Thursday, November 1, 2012

And the Handwaving Award For Theorizing About Kinky Sex Goes To ...

Can trends in the workplace lead to this sort of thing at home? We certainly have no evidence! But that's not ABOUT to stop us from theorizing! Image source:

Someone other than me, for once.

Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller blogsite is the lucky winner. He wrote a blog post in which he theorized that the rise of kinky sex is linked to the increasing success of women in the workplace. His idea is that men who can no longer strut about like the proud cocks they are in the office, dominating all women there, have turned to dominating women in the bedrooms. He cites the success of Fifty Shades of Grey and vague allusions to a general trending toward kinky sex as the evidence, but which we mean he has none.

A few points. Lewis wrote:

(after all, it’s reasonable to think that a changing economy and changing gender roles might eventually manifest itself in the bedroom.)

Why is it reasonable to think that? You may think that of course, but without any supporting evidence, it's hard to say if it's reasonable or not. It is probably more reasonable than thinking that it's due to Venusian rays penetrating our tinfoil helmets, but that's really about all you can say about it without evidence.

Lewis also wrote:

the man was out of work and he, you know, confessed to me after two or three interviews, that the way he would reestablish his manhood was through sex, basically — that he would have more aggressive, violent sex … not hurtful — this was his wife, not his girlfriend —

So, it's OK to hurt your girlfriend, but not your wife. I had no idea!

He finished with:

It’s hard to prove, but it seems plausible.

You might need evidence to prove it, or you might need to examine the evidence you do have. For example, the whole Fifty Shades thing: all the evidence I've heard is that it's women who are buying the book in droves, and that men are indifferent or even hostile to it. You'd think if men were starved for sexual dominance they would greet the books with loud hosannahs of joy. Haven't heard a lot of that, or of an equivalent phenomenon in men's sexual entertainment media, i.e., porn.

(Yes, there is bondage porn, but it's still a niche market. Most mainstream porn remains vanilla. Yeah, I know that interest in anal, black on white, and violent and abusive sex has grown in mainstream porn, but most in the industry ascribe that to a relatively small percentage of porn buyers who drive the market because they buy most of it, because they are, well ... it's kind of their thing, as opposed to relationships with actual women. I mean, very few regular guys like the spitting and money shots you see in most porn films, either. Just the pornophiles.)

Still, I do like theorizing for the sake of theorizing sometimes, which is why I do it myself now and again. But you should be aware, Mr. Lewis, that my prospects of getting a MacArthur genius grant seem more distant every day. Yours too, if you keep this stuff up. Perhaps if you could somehow demonstrate convincingly that women getting only 77 cents to the dollar compared to men in salaries is some kind of Patriarchy-sponsored last-ditch effort to hang on to male dominance in the workplace, you might get somewhere with this line of thought.

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