Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kink Script Contest Part 2: Less Proactive, Noisier!

"You've been holding out on us, Susan, and now we must know the truth that is in your heart ... and also, a few other parts!" Image source: Sex and

After meeting with the Executive Producers about the script-writing project and kicking Scene 1 around some, we decided that the Gorean, er, Lotharian bondage scenario was too proactive and also lacked sizzle. Therefore, we've decided to steal ... er, create ANOTHER, less proactive, noisier scenario. Therefore we present:


(Scene: the living room of an apartment. A naked slave, SUSAN, lies in the middle of the floor, her hands bound behind her back, her feet tied wide apart to a spreader bar. A naked domme, JOANIE, sits on her face, another naked domme, SIDNEY, kneels between her legs, fisting her. SUSAN writhes and moans on the floor as she is used, but of course her moaning is muffled as JOANIE'S pussy is all up in her face, particularly her mouth.)

SUSAN: (voiceover as the camera pans along her body, trapped underneath JOANIE and SIDNEY, lingering briefly on her bound feet and hands twisting in helplessly in their bonds. The camera ends looking down on SUSAN's eyes) Even now, I can't believe the events of that madcap month of May that led to what you're seeing right now! Two beautiful dommes forcing me to serve their every desire! (giggles). Icy, aloof, SIDNEY and hot-blooded JOANIE both fell for me! It's every girl's dream!

JOANIE: (voiceover, with the camera moving from SUSAN looking up at JOANIE along JOANIE'S body as she rides SUSAN'S face, ending on a closeup of JOANIE'S face as she looks down at SUSAN): I can't believe I am sitting right on SUSAN'S face! The most beautiful, submissive woman in all of Seattle, and she's mine, all mine ... well, half mine ... I must share her with that ice queen SIDNEY! But half a girl is better than none, especially if it's the half with the tongue!

SIDNEY: (voiceover, with the camera starting with a closeup on SIDNEY'S face then moving to a shot of her hand buried in SUSAN'S vagina): What is that between my ring finger and my little finger? Is that her uvula? I hope I don't pull anything loose that's not supposed to be loose!

That's enough for today!

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