Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ksenia Solo Naked, Bound and Fucked ... or ... Asphyxia Noired?

Left, Ksenia Solo, an actress starring in the "Lost Girl" TV series on the SyFy Channel. Right, Asphyxia Noir, porn star at Image source for Ksenia: publicity photo. Image source for Asphyxia: Training of

So, I found an image of Asphyxia Noir on that just knocked me out. That's it on the right above. Noir and Ksenia Solo both have faces that are very changeable, depending on how they are lit. Since Noir is Solo's celebrity clone, her face strongly resembles Solo's face in its general features -- large eyes, long round face, clear skin, general shape, etc. The photos above really play up their features, though the photo of Solo doesn't really do justice to her, particularly her light blue, almost luminescent eyes. So I found a photo of Solo that showed off her, and another photo of Noir that shows off her beauty ... the one was not a fluke.

Left, Asphyxia Noir caught red-handed. Check out those lips, so nice! Right, Ksenia Solo in a pic that shows off her luminous eyes to great effect. Image source for Ksenia: Lost Girl publicity photo. Image source for Asphyxia: Training of

Lost Girl is a Canadian science fiction series in which Solo plays a cute punky streetwise Gothish girl who gets hooked up with a cute punky non-street less Gothish but still kinda Gothish girl who get involved in fairy politics, mainly because the less Gothish girl is a fairy herself. Ksenia's character is not a fairy but she's streetwise and sympatico so she fits in. It's got some steamy scenes since the fairy Gothish girl is a succubus and REALLY promiscuous. Also, bisexual.

Suppose Ksenia Solo's character were captured by bad fairies and chained up and ball gagged, making her drool a lot as they poured hot wax on her and molested her relentlessly so that her shorn pussy turned bright red: it would probably look a lot like this. But this is not Ksenia Solo, this is Asphyxia Noir, and that gleam in her eye as she sit there, used hard and dripping wet, is ALL Asphyxia Noir. Red hot! Image source for Asphyxia:

And though there is no real explicit sex scenery in "Lost Girl" thanks to Ksenia Solo's celebrity clone Asphyxia Noir, we have a pretty good basis for imagining what they might look like.

Suppose Ksenia Solo's character were captured by bad fairies and put in a latex straightjacket and then molested by lesbian succubuses wearing strap-ons. It wold probably look kinda like this, thanks to Asphyxia Noir's willingness to really get out there with the sexual bondage. Image source for Asphyxia:


Anonymous said...

Well, nobody really counts as a Ksenia look-alike without those silver-gray eyes.

Pat Powers said...

(waves his hands around) Well there may be flaws in the cloning process ... mitochondrial DNA mixups ... recessive genetic traits manifesting in the clone but not the original or vice versa ... viroidal DNA injections into the original DNA matrix ... I'm not a geneticist, dammit ... stuff happens!