Monday, January 21, 2013

Greta Christina Works It Out -- Kinda

This is a photo of a real woman, in a real bondage tie, albeit in the highly artificial context of a bondage porn shoot. It is a depiction of a woman in bondage, not an actual woman in bondage. You know what a written description, however accurate it might be, of this woman tied up is? Another depiction. It is not the real thing. Why can't people figure this out? Image source:

Greta Christina is a writer. Among other things, she writes what she describes as kinky porn. As she observes, the line between romances and erotica has gotten real blurry and vague of late, and so has the line between erotica and kinky porn. In the world of the written word, it's all kind of the same soup.

Christina has written some thought-provoking essays about porn and sexuality and society. She takes an honest approach to the questions she deals with. Now I don't agree with her complex and tortured take on writing kinky porn in rape culture (and I would argue that although far too many rapes occur in America, we are by no means possessors of a rape culture.

My feeling is, fiction is fiction and real life is real life, anybody who confuses the two is at the very least a Republican and is probably insane, too. It's a non-problem, and looking for a "solution" to it is positively harmful, because really, we need all the intellectual freedom we can get in this crazy world. If they can control our fantasies, we are really, really, really screwed ... and not in a good way.

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