Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lena Dunham Nude With Her Finger In Another Woman or ... Cloned!

It's the only way to keep your fingertips moist and shiny! Image source: Dunham, the Intertubes, her clone,

Is that Lena Dunham, winner of the Writer Lottery, with her finger in another woman's pussy? Perhaps an out-take from the new season of her HBO series Girls? Well, sure looks like it ... granted, she's dyed her hair blonde and put in blue contact lenses in a pathetic attempt to fool us, but we know it's her. Some would say it's her celebrity clone, Danielle of the FTV girls. Granted, they look very different from one another in other photos, but I'm pretty sure all those other photos are doctored by the Non-Tinfoil Hat Conspiracy, concealing the fact that Danielle is Dunham's clone. It only takes one kinda/sort similar photo to tell ME what's going on ... it's the same way I know aliens from planet Zoltran are stealing Earth's washing machines.

Don't take my word for it ... just look at the evidence!

Proof positive! Of something or other!


Anonymous said...

How can you think it's her? It looks nothing like her! The only similarity I see is her eyebrows. Maybe the shape of the nose and chin are alike but there's no way that's her.

Pat Powers said...

Of course it's not her, it's her CLONE. Clones aren't perfect copies, they have different lives that make them look subtly different, also, genetic drift ... mitochondrial DNA ... gene splicing viruses ... all sorts of phoney-baloney recents why celebrities and their clones should not look identical.

Pat Powers said...

er, phoney-baloney REASONS

Anonymous said...

Look at her tits...Lena has small ones.