Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Trisha Hershberger Naked Nude and In Bondage

Is this SourceFed commentator Trisha Hershberger kneeling naked with her ankles and wrists enclosed by a massive metal stock, or is it her celebrity clone, Whipped model Madison Scott? We'll never tell! Image source: Whipped

AKA: The Hershberger Endowment!

Trisha Hershberger is a relatively new commentator on Source Fed. Like the other female commentators, she's quite attractive, and she's also got some good chops as a commentator. She can express herself clearly and well. Like the other SourceFed commentators, she does a lot of "Aren't I cute?" kinda shtick in her commentary -- it seems that this approach is a deliberate technique used by SourceFed commentators, and Hershberger is not notably worse than others, and not nearly as bad as the worst offender, Steve Zaragoza (to be fair, he's not working that well nearly so hard as he did when he first started).

BEHOLD! Image source: SourceFed videos particularly this one, "The Boobie-Pokey". Action starts at 3:40 or so. You're Welcome!

But there's one thing, or rather two things, that Hershberger has that the other commentators don't have, and that's an enormous rack. Check out the image at the far right, those breasts are really OUT THERE! I'm not even sure that Hershberger's breasts are all that big objectively, it's the tiny body that they're mounted on that makes them look huge. (Check out the middle image in that montage, her waist is so slim and elongated that she looks like one of those superwomen drawn by Rob Liefeld that comic prudo-feminists are always complaining about for being unrealistic.)

Various Youtube commenters have noticed that Hershberger has fine set of ta-tas, and her Youtube videos' commentaries are laden with many observations of that fact, and encouragements for Hershberger to liberate her ta-tas, often couched in the crudest language imaginable. Tempting as obliging the salacious commenters and getting naked must be, I don't think it would be to Hershberger's advantage to do it. Here's why: right now, the niche Hershberger occupies is that of skilled news commentator who has a great rack. There are a lot of skilled news commentators, and there are a lot of women out there with great racks, but women who combine the two are very rare. If Hershberger were to go the naked route, she would be competing with a very large pool of women who look very good naked and have enormous breasts, thus it would greatly diminish her uniqueness.

Besides, even if you do have enormous breasts, it's not necessary to reference your breasts to objectify you! And yes, this is a TOTAL fake! Image source: Sex and

(Remember the women who used to read the news naked in Europe? Well, neither do I. That's because if you read the news naked, your presentation soon stops being about the news, and rapidly becomes only about being naked.)

By the same token, Hershberger should not hide or conceal or ignore her Endowment of the Visual Arts. It's something that distinguishes her from other commentators, and generally, in a good way. (Some commenters seems to assume that because Hershberger has a large rack she can't possibly be a decent news commentator, but they're as far off the mark as the commenters who literally cannot see Hershberger for her breasts.)

Former Fox and now MSNBC news commentator SE Cupps, another news commentator of undoubted bodaciousness, who was noted for unapologetically flashing her long, lovely legs during her commentaries at Fox News (not so much in her current MSNBC gig) should be Hershberger's guide. Cupp never went the naked route, but she used her appearance to her advantage when it suited her, and Hershberger should consider doing so as well, in my opinion.

And in keeping with our policy of not disrespecting the models whose bodies are used to create fakes, heeeeres' Phoenix Marie, model, and a great example of what I was talking about earlier, because Phoenix Marie, although not as breastically well endowed as Tricia Hershberger, has an absolutely gorgeous face, far prettier than Hershberger's, or for that matter, most models. And she's just one of the hundreds of thousands of naked women that Hershberger would be competing with, if she went the naked route. Image source: Sex and

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