Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ultimate Surrender of The Lingerie Football League

Action starts at about the 1:15 mark. As you can see, the participants really do play hard ... when they tackle, they knock the living daylights out of each other. They are not as fast or efficient at blocking, tackling and passing as NFL pros, but then, who is?

The Lingerie Football League puzzles me. Ultimate Surrender, less so, but still, it's a bit of a puzzler too. Allow me to elucidate!

The combination of women clad in sexy lingerie and football would seem to be a natural. Everybody loves watching the football players play football, and everybody loves watching the sexy cheerleaders on the sideline. But you can't watch both at the same time -- unless you're watching the Lingerie Football League!

I just don't get it. If you want to watch nearly naked or naked woman looking sexy, go to a strip club, bro. If you want to watch people play football about as well as it can be played, watch a college or pro football game. Watching women dressed sexy who are very attractive and athletic but probably not the best conceivable athletes for football -- well, kinda worst of both worlds, not the best of both worlds. That's the way it goes.

But maybe there's an appeal for eroticized football that I just don't understand. The league is reportedly doing fairly well financially, for whatever reason. If anybody has a clue, clue me in on this one. I've learned that just because I don't understand the appeal of a particular thing, that does not mean it does not have a valid appeal for others. Wish everybody understood that.

In any event, I've heard that the Lingerie Football League is becoming the Legends Football League and the lingerie will be replaced with skimpy but more "supportive" sports bras and short shorts. Sort of like what Olympic sprinters wear nowadays. I would say this presages a dramatic drop in attendance for the league, but as I don't know what's drawing the fans as it is, I would not venture to make any predictions along those lines.

Part of the fun of watching an Ultimate Surrender Match is trying to figure out what parts of whom belong where. Or whatever. Image source: Ultimate The link will lead you to many videos that will show you exactly what the appeal of Ultimate Surrender is, whatever it is.

Ultimate Surrender from is a similar sort of proposition. Naked women wrestling, the lesbian appeal is very clear. Especially since you score points in these matches by face-sitting or putting your finger in your opponents' vagina and keeping it there.

Still, if you want to watch lesbians having sex, there are plenty of videos out there of lesbians having sex. I don't know if there are videos of topnotch professional wrestlers out there of either gender. The best wrestling-as-sport that I know of is college wrestling and Olympic style wrestling, and I have never seen women engaging in such a match. Still, given its peculiar set of rules (for example, the last round in an Ultimate Surrender match consists of the winners fucking the losers with strap-ons) I doubt Ultimate Surrender is comparable to non-sexual wrestling the way Lingerie Football League is comparable to regular football. I mean, not even Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling was comparable, cheesy as it was.

(Along the same lines, Kink also has a male version of Ultimate Surrender, with guys wrestling naked. I have no interest in such matches, but some of my readers may, so hear ya go. Don't say I never gave ya nothing!)

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