Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dylan Ryan Speaks Out On

Dylan Ryan, feminist porn star, in a Bound Gang Bang shoot -- she's a person, just like you, as well. Image source:

Dylan Ryan, a feminist porn star and activist, has an article in about how and why she became a porn star. I don't agree with every word she has to say about porn and the porn industry, in fact, I suspect I would find myself in opposition to her on some points. But the thing is, she gives an honest account of who she is, what she does, and why she does it. This in itself is a good thing.

I'm seeing more and more honest writing by workers in the sex industry on the Internet, from the Honest Courtesan blog (she's put out some brilliant pieces lately) to Maggie Mayhem's work. It's all good, even if the Honest Courtesan is a fucking libertarian, Dylan Ryan is a queer activist who talks all feminista-ish at times, and Maggie Mayhem has dissed the hell out of Still, they are honestly and authentically writing about who they are, and of course I won't like every aspect of who they are, that's part of being human.

And with every such authentic expression of who they are, they bring a more human face to the sex industry, a sense that the people who are in it are PEOPLE, just like the people who anonymously download their pictures on the Internet and so forth. They are humanizing the sex industry, which is what is really needed to bring the social acceptance that will end the ostracism they now face.

Because let's face it, there are a lot of people who could look at all these women's writings, and knowing that they are sex industry workers, will dismiss their work with a single sneered word: "Whores." Or if they feel more explanatory, “So they think they're feminists, or social activities or whatever the hell, they're still just whores.”

But every honest blog by a sex industry worker (not just marketing for their videos and so forth) brings the day closer when everyone will understand that a person who can dismiss them all as simply “whores” in its most pejorative sense because they work in the sex industry, is just as obviously bigoted as someone who looks at the color of a person's skin and dismisses them as a “nigger” in its more pejorative sense, and that the use of such terms says everything about the user and nothing about the person it's being used on.

It's exactly the same. It really is. And I cannot WAIT for the day when everybody understands that.


Johnny Robinson said...

Not down with the libertarians?

Pat Powers said...

Not really. I like their ideas on freedom of speech and general human freedom, but they seem to be oblivious to the dangers of corporate as opposed to government power, and their attitude about those who do not do well in Libertopia seems to be, "Let them die." Not my cuppa.