Saturday, February 2, 2013

Margaret Brundage: Kinkiest Artist of the Golden Age

Naked and bound, and on the shelves of magazine stands all over America in the 1930s without a plain brown wrapper. Image source:

It's always great to find fodder for my bondage posts on a science fiction/fact website, i.e., Yesterday I found an article about Margaret Brundage, "The Woman Whose Pulp Art Was Too Sexy For Public Decency." Back in the day when Robert E. Howard was churning out ripping Conan stories like "Red Nails" and "People Of The Black Circle" for the cult pulp "Weird Tales," an artist named M. Brundage was illustrating them and others with some of the kinkiest, nakedest art out there. The IO9 article includes a number of very good quality images of Brundage's covers, like the one at the top of this post, so I recommend you hie yourself hence and check it out.

Science fiction and fantasy fans have long known that Brundage was one hot mama of an artist, and Vanguard Books is releasing a new book, "The Alluring Art of Margaret Brundage: Queen of Pulp Pin-Up Art," celebrating the appeal of her sexy, kinky cover art in an era that no one nowadays associates with the terms "sexy" and kinky." She's been described as the most important artist of the pulp era, and I for one will not dispute that.

An interesting dispute occurs in the comments on the IO9 article about Brundage. Prior to the covers, I09 points out that the images below may be Not Safe For Work. Some commenters pointed out the absurdity of a NSFW warning prior to images that were visible on magazine stands all over the U.S. without plain brown wrappers or anything on them. And while that's true, there's one HUGE difference between the 1930s and now. Where could you see photographic images of naked women in those days? (Let's not mention naked women in explicit upside-down sexual bondage being diddled with a dildo vibrator like the image above.) Practically nowhere, that's where. It only existed in smoky back rooms. For all intents and purposes, there was NO porn to be had anywhere. Think about THAT while you read this on your desktop. Image source:

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