Monday, February 4, 2013

The Appeal Of A Collar

That's one big honkin' collar on that slavegirl! Image source: Sex and

Not until I had been playing Gor for a while did I come to understand the appeal of collars. For securing slaves in positions in which they can be used with impunity, wrist cuffs, ankles cuffs and head harnesses are much more useful. But collars have a nice visual appeal. They identify the wearer as a slave, an animal, especially big honkin' metal collars like this one that can't POSSIBLY be mistaken for a necklace (as some slave collars are clearly designed to be -- once again, plausible deniability!).

In combination with chains and a gag as seen above, it's just incredibly fricking hot. Helpless and gagged.

I guess my general aversion to collars is a matter of safety ... necks are very fragile things, securing people by them is dangerous, if you don't know what you're doing, and really, even if you do. But they do have a certain slavey quality that lends them (and their wearers) great visual appeal. I imagine that the fashion of wearing necklaces got started as Roman matrons grew tired of watching their husbands ogling the sexy slavegirls slinking past in their sexy, sexy collars. Next thing you know, necklaces are all the rage, but here's the thing ... the REASON collars are sexy is that the wearer is a slavegirl, and may be used as one wishes. And I'm betting that the first free women that adopted that hot, sexy, scandalous necklace fashion, was signalling to her husband that he could treat her like a slavegirl in bed. Nice! Of course, I'm just theorizing here ... but such FUN theorizing!

That's what you get for wearing one of those newfangled necklace collars! Image source: Sex and


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