Saturday, April 20, 2013


Dylan Ryan explains sexual dimorphism to Penny Pax.* Image source:

I don't normally out and out PROMOTE photoshoots, I just use their photos a lot and let them who is interested in an image follow the link and buy the shoot if they are interested. But DAMN, the image at the top of this page pushes my buttons in all sorts of ways. Dylan Ryan is giving a chained-up, ballgagged Penny Pax some strap-on action, a pretty common thing in Whipped Ass videos. Except Dylan Ryan is 5'10" tall and Penny Pax is 5'0" tall.

And I don't really believe that. Look at that pic. Dylan Ryan is a LOT larger than Penny Pax. I think both models are doing what models at the extremes of size do: move their numbers toward the norm. I bet Dylan is more like six feet tall, and I bet Penny is more like 4'10". I mean, there is a WORLD of difference between those two, size-wise.

Rings my bell, I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's linked to my liking for maledom/femsub sex ... larger men and small women just work better along that whole domination/submission dynamic, as so large women and small women. I don't really understand it, but that's OK, I know damn well it's no more rational than my taste for bondage, and that I'm no more to be held accountable for it than the women who like to be tied up.

Here's tiny Rachel Roxx (also claims 5'0", also not believing it for an instant) in a Sex and Submission shoot that demonstrates plenty of tasty sexual dimorphism as she awaits impalement by the throbbing stake of love.

*Yes, I know, in the case of Dylan and Penny I am misusing the phrase "sexual dimorphism" as it is used in biology to refer to the tendency of different genders within a species to have differently shaped and sized bodies. In the case of humans, males tend to be slightly larger than females, with greater upper body development. Since Penny and Dylan are both female, they are merely at different end of the norms for human females, though neither is really what you'd call an outlier. I used the term anyway, knowing it was wrong ... as a pun. They are, after all, having sex while differently sized.

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