Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kesha Wears A Gorean Slave Girl Outfit: A Camisk

A common Gorean slave market, the camisk. Cut a little higher on the waist than Kesha's camisk, but still, it's the same garment. Image source: Wikipedia.

Ah, fashion writers. They call anything with a black strap anywhere on it bondage gear, but they don't know an actual slavegirl garment when they're looking right at it. In this case, the singer Kesha is wearing a Gorean slave garment called a camisk at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards show. I've seen a lot of camisks looking very much like that on Second Life, typically cut a lot higher up on the leg, so high that the vagina is clearly visible. (In one of the books it's mentioned that in some Gorean communities, slavegirls are clothed in garments that reveal their vaginas at all times, to make their slavegirliness more evident ... the Gorean slavegirls and their fashion designers glommed on to that one fast).

It's really hilarious to see a celebrity like Kesha sporting a Gorean camisk and no one from the fashion community taking note of it. They LOVE to be scandalized, but they're too butt-ignorant to recognized a great opportunity for it. For shame!

Fashion fetish bondage is of course a thing. Here we have a model in heels, stockings, garters, silk tie bondage and a silk tie gag. The butt plug ... optional! Image source:

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