Thursday, May 23, 2013

Life Imitates Art, Sort Of -- Naked, Handcuffed Coed Goes Berserk in Woods

Photographic rendering of how Taylor Powers might have perceived her ride in the rescue basket. Image source:

Does anybody remember an episode of Daria where her family goes out camping in the woods and every member of her family except Daria eats berries that send them off into whack-a-doodle land? (Episode 112, The Teachings of Don Jake). Poor Daria, the only sane one left, had to call in a helicopter rescue squad to haul her crazed family back to civilization.

Well life imitated art recently when a pretty college coed and two male friends went for a hike on a mountain. They did not eat berries, they brought some nice psychotropic mushrooms with them to eat. After the coed, Taylor Powers (a distant relative? Perhaps. I'll never tell!) ingested the magic mushrooms, she got into a fight with her fellow hikers, stripped off her clothes, and went dashing into the woods stark naked.

Her fellow hikers had no choice but to call in the sheriff's officers, and no less than 35 stalwart deputies were despatched to find the pretty naked coed who was whacked on shrooms. They found her, but being whacked, instead of thanking them, she fought them, and they had to handcuff her and haul her out of the woods in a rescue basket. Well stories are conflicted here, some say her fellow hikers restrained til the cops arrived, and that it took the cops an hour to get cuffs on her. Which sounds ... improbable. There WERE 35 of them, werent' there?

The point if there is one, is don't take psychotropic drugs while hiking in the woods. You might just wind up naked and handcuffed and not mentally healthy enough to enjoy it!

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