Saturday, May 25, 2013

Politically Sexy -- Literally!

Careful examination of this image should tell you which of these women is a fascist, which is a libertarian and which is a liberal. Answer later in the story. Image source: Institute of Advanced

An article in the Glossy states that a study conducted by Grove City College suggests that libertarians like BDSM more than fascists do. 10,000 people were shown BDSM image for the survey, split 50/50 between libertarians and fascists. The libertarians returned an 89 percent approval rating for the images, while the funky fascists came in at 48 percent.

Obviously, the data in this poll is suspect: with such a small data sampling, selection error bias will very likely skew the results. Plus, how do you get EXACTLY 5000 people to do anything? Conventional scientific wisdom is that a good 25 percent of your responds will either bake on you, or are too twitchy to give reliable answers because they are full of coffee and Jolt Cola from cramming for exams, or are goofing off instead of studying.

The real question is, what is the proper answer to the cutline in the image above? It is: the woman doing the strap-on anal probing of the tied down victim is the fascist, because that's what fascists do. The woman sitting on the tied-down victim's face is the liberal, because she just KNOWS the tied down victim needs it. And the naked, tied-down victim is our libertarian, because that's what happens to you when you try to fit all social interactions into a rigid ideological framework.

(Seriously, there is no wrong answer to the question posed in the cutline, because examining that image carefully is its own reward.)

((Extra extra seriously, the Glossy News article is an obvious sendup of some political polls, and a very nicely done one, too! WTG, Glossy News!))

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