Thursday, June 6, 2013

Censorship Is Springing Up All Over

"Now kiss and make up, you silly censors!" Image source:

I'm sure you've all seen the news about Yahoo buying Tumblr, and their many corporate reassurances that they would leave Tumblr just as it was. This is what is known as a "lie" and the folks over at the Eros Blog have documented it. It seems that the folks at Yahoo have already altered the robots.txt for all the Tumblr blogs that have adult content, so that adult tumblr sites can't be found by search engines. Not just the Yahoo search engine, ANY search engine ... a sure indication of their intent to fuck over their adult content blogs.

In addition, Google Glass has said that Google Glass will NOT be used for porn. And Apple was banning porn from the Iphone back in 2009. And porn stars are being refused bank accounts because they're porn stars. Not loans, mind you ... accounts.

I know about the insane stupidity of corporate porn bans firsthand, of course. Seen any Google Adsense ads on this blog? Nope! Google, widely considered a TOPNOTCH way of finding porn on the Internet ("Google is your friend") will not run Adsense ads on its adult blogs. Fortunately for me, there's and a couple others. I've also tried a motley collection of scumbag advertisers who've proven to be completely useless as well, and often annoying.

In addition, Amazon won't let me get commissions for linking to their products from my Bondagerotica site because my site is too porny. This despite the fact that carries sexual bondage gear, bondage erotica (including my bondage novels) and a whole lot of movies that are just as raunchy as anything on my site.

It sounds like corporate interests are putting the squeeze on porn. Of course, corporate interests have never been friends of porn, nor necessarily ENEMIES of porn, but all they care about is making money and if it means censoring porn, buying Congressmen or robbing your grandma, that's bizness, baby. If businesses are people, they are greedy sociopaths.

But it's not just corporations. Worldwide, there are calls for censorship. I've reported on the Australian censorship drive, and on the English censorship law, well now there are calls for censorship in Iceland and the United States. Is there something going on under the surface here? I rather think there is. I'll write about it in an upcoming post if I don't get distracted by any pretty submissives with shiny tails.


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