Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Beauty

What a beauty! Clearly this is a photo clipped from some fashion magazine or women's magazine.

Um, no. That's her on the bottom of that porno pile, tied to the woman on top of her, watching the dildo go in and out up close. Both images are from

When I saw this woman's face in a collection of promotional images from WhippedAss, I thought "Damn, that does NOT look like a porn shot!" promotions typically feature head shots of their models, and some of them are amazingly attractive women, though most are just pretty. Maybe it was the hairdo, I don't know, but the woman's face looked like something you'd see in an ad for a beauty product or a household cleaner, not porn. An interesting contrast to the sort of things she gets up to later in the promo set.

I think it's interesting because I suspect there's still a popular mindset that the women in porn are somehow physically degraded by acting out sex fantasies. Now there are real concerns about STD's in doing porn, but for the most part, they don't show on your face, as this image indicates.

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