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Maggie Mayhem Said A Mouthful

"Assimilation is something I’ve been thinking about for a few years and I had a lot of unquestioned white, cis, and class privi ... mmmmfgh!" Image source:

So, I was reading an interesting piece by sex worker activist Maggie Mayhem, previously referenced here as a bad-mouther of But in the case of the piece I was reading, I was agreeing with what she said. She was talking about the way the San Francisco Pride parade, once a hallmark of social activism and countercultural change, had been co-opted by corporate sponsors now that they had sniffed out the cultural change that makes gays politically acceptable.

Specifically, she was disappointed in the Pride parade leadership renouncing the selection of Bradley Manning as the Grand Marshall of this year's event (apparently Manning self-identifies as female). The leadership not only rejected the selection of Manning but also saw fit to make a hateful and inaccurate statement about it, saying: "even the hint of support for actions which placed in harms way the lives of our men and women in uniform — and countless others, military and civilian alike — will not be tolerated by the leadership of San Francisco Pride."

Fact is, there's no evidence whatsoever that Manning's revelations put anyone in harm's way, just that they embarrassed our government because they revealed stuff that the government should not have been doing in the first place (like the double tap drone strikes which target first responders to the drone strikes and are by every standard of international law, war crimes).

Mayhem is mad at the organizers because the rejection of Manning as Grand Marshall reveals to her what a bunch of sellouts the Pride parade leadership has become, issuing a carefully worded statement designed to let the corporate bigwigs who shelled out the big bucks for the event know that they would NEVER offend them in any way. My objections are somewhat different, I feel that the Democrats use gay issues to distract their middle class base from the fact that they are being looted wholesale by the One Percent, just as Republicans use gay issues to distract THEIR middle class base from the fact that they are being looted wholesale by the One Percent.

Because of course, both parties work for the One Percent who write those huge checks for their SuperPACS that enrich their campaign coffers and their personal bank accounts. THAT'S the important thing to them, not the social issues which are just nice distractions for all the looting they are doing. Gay, straight, liberal, conservative, progressive, we're ALL being robbed blind.

So Maggie and I agree about the Pride parade being a sellout, though I doubt she considers the entire gay liberation movement a distraction.

But here's the thing that she wrote that set my teeth on edge:
Assimilation is something I’ve been thinking about for a few years and I had a lot of unquestioned white, cis, and class privilege I never considered in my early analysis of pride.

I've seen something a lot like this in the blogs of other white, middle class feminists and sex workers, it's almost a standard disclaimer nowadays. And it just reeks of academia and privilege, you can tell that the author has been to all the right conferences and attended all the right classes to know that this is the very thing to say to excuse herself for being white, upper middle class and privileged as all hell. It also probably covers being female and pretty enough to work in porn films. It just STINKS of privilege and upper middle class bullshittiness. There's sort of an unwritten, unacknowledged and in Mayhem's case, I think unintended, "You fucking peasant" at the end of that phrase.

Well I'm not interested in your damn excuses, woman. I know you're an upper middle class white woman just from the way you write. Speaking as a reprobate lower middle class white male beneficiary of the patriarchy, possessor of the Male Gaze, straight, married, dominant and all-round unredeemably masculine person, I could give a shit about all that. I care about what you think, what you say. Save the disclaimers for the academics who eat that shit up. It's annoying as hell.

Here's your unquestioned white, cis and class privilege, Maggie. Enjoy! Image of Maggie Mayhem in bondage found at:

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