Sunday, November 10, 2013

Keri Russell's Haircut

Keri Russell in "The Babysitter's Seduction," just before the bad guy catchers her snooping on his computer and ties her up. Image source: vidcap from "the Babysitter's Seduction."

Doesn't Keri Russell look AMAZING in this vidcap? She's a beauty all right, big dark eyes, beautifully shaped face, cute little nose, perfect lips and the thing that really sets it off, the magnificent mane of lustrous, curly golden hair that surrounds her face. Even in a place like Hollywood, where beauties are a dime a dozen, Russell stands out.

But it's the hair that really does it. How do we know this? Because at the height of her fame, she cut it short, so people would take her seriously as an actress, instead of seeing her as a prop for a head of hair. Here's what she looked like afterward:

Keri Russell as she appeared when she had her hair cut short during the run of "Felicity." NOT an improvement, she aged a good fifteen years, visually.

Now there's no doubt about it: Russell is still a beauty, even with her hair cut short. Her face remains gorgeous. But she's JUST a beauty. With her hair cut short she moves from the ranks of an amazing beauty who makes jaws drop open even in Hollywood, to those dime-a-dozen beauties that are common in Hollywood. If you saw her short-hair face on a box of soap or a commercial for JC Penney blouses, you would forget it as soon as your eyes moved away. Just another model.

Predictably the TV show Russell was in ("Felicity") took a major hit in the ratings after she cut her hair, leading the WB Network it was airing on to create a rule that actresses were not allowed to change their hairstyles during the tenure of the show. Yes, it was THAT bad.

Now, here's the thing. I get that Russell wanted to prove her worth as an actress, but the thing is, beauty, even amazing beauty like Russell's once was, only gets you so far in Hollywood. You still have to be a good actress, and a lucky one too, to reach the A list. So if you are smart, and Ms. Russell is not smart, you use every advantage you have. You don't shuck an advantage just to PROVE you can manage without it until you have proven you can manage with it, by getting as far as you want to go.

Don't get me wrong. Ms. Russell's career has survived her haircut. She's currently starring in a TV series called "The Americans" and is starring in an upcoming movie "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes." (And she thought she had hair issues in "Felicity"!) But who knows how far she would have gotten if she had kept the advantage her incredible hair conferred on her?

Here's notably large-breasted porn star Christina Carter tied to a rack and wearing a ring gag while being thoroughly molested by a vibrator mounted on a dildo pole. Don't look for her to have breast reduction surgery in order to demonstrate that she can still do great work in bondage porn with small breasts. Not that she couldn't ... but an advantage is an advantage, in fact, she clearly paid to have her twin bouncing advantages installed. Image source:


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