Friday, June 13, 2014

It's Friday the Thirteenth, AKA Sex Positivism Day

OMG!!!! I almost forgot it was sex positivism day!" Source: Model is the incredibly tiny but still very accommodating Rachel Roxx.

Do you like porn? I do.
Do you like to watch women dance naked? I do.
Do you patronize prostitutes? I don't, but I'm totally OK with those who do.
Are you a sugar daddy? I'm not, but I'm OK with sugar daddies and their sugar babies.
Are you kinky in any way? I am.

Today is a day to say so, to support those who like any of these things, and to support those who work in those industries, and to call for decriminalizing sex work of all kinds, as well as a general toleration of consensual sex of all kinds.

Be good to yourself, sexually speaking. Be good to others too. And have a great Friday the 13th.

Here's a link to the Maggie McNeil blog post that inspired this blog post.

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