Monday, September 21, 2015

Where Have I Been?

Keeping baby in the corner, of course! Image source: Sex and

Well, simple enough: our Simon Legree of a landlord sold the house we were renting out from under us because real estate prices in the neighborhood we were living in have been going through the roof, and he made a bargeload of bucks. He gave us notice, but the unexpected expense and hassle has been a total PITA. Very much modern America, I guess.

I've been spending the last two months frantically searching for housing, getting us packed, and getting us moved. I've had to put writing and publishing on the back burner for this period, as in, "not doing any of either."

We're in a smaller but very nice living space now, paying a little more for rent, but not much. And I'm back in the writing and publishing game, as subsequent posts will demonstrate. But in the meantime, the game has changed, and as I result, I've had to make some changes, too.

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