Friday, October 16, 2015

Corporate Training: Book 3 Of The Homouth Series

You can get Corporate Training by clicking on the pic or clicking here.

Book 2 of the President Slave Girl Series, formerly the Homouth series (because the number of people who search for the term “Homouth” is WAAAAY lower than the number who search for the term “Slave Girl”) ended with President MacCammon strapped to a hydraulically-controlled rape rack in a hidden niche at a reception held by her new owner, billionaire oligarch Art DeFabio.

The denouement for Book 2 was, for me, the scene where DeFabio enters the niche and sticks his cock into former President MacCammon's homouth (a vagina nano-engineered to appear where her normal mouth is at times) and gives her a good chewing out for not obeying the rule of Power, which he seems to regard as a force of nature. I conceived it sort of like the executive TV mogul's speech to Howard Beale in “Network” only the recipient is female and has the mogul's cock in her mouth.

The potential of the cock-in-mouth soliloquy has not been much exploited in movies (save for some scenes in “Deadwood”) but I'm an erotica writer, dammit, I'm not one to stop at, well … anything.

In Book 3 I wanted to do a riff on the standard sex slave training meme, but of course I can't serve it straight up, no, I also wanted to slide in some sly parallels between corporate slavery and sex slavery. And of course, lots and lots of sex, bondage, sexual bondage, lesbian sexual bondage, public sex, and of course tons and tons of humiliation and torment (often while in bondage) for MacCammon, because she has been a very bad, prudish and evil President. But I threw in some growth as a character for MacCammon, as well, through an encounter with an old enemy. It's all good!

Now here's the blurb I wrote for Amazon. Note how differently it reads. I have to very carefully skip around the topics I'm actually covering in the story while still somehow striving to convey what the story is actually about. I suspect some of the authors on Amazon put more time and effort into their blurbs than they put in the stories themselves. Hell, having read some of the stories … I know they do ...

Trapped in a corporate training facility deep under a skyscraper, former President of the United States Eileen MacCammon must somehow maintain her sense of self even as her trainers teach her to submit to their every salacious command.

MacCammon is forced to confront an old enemy for the entertainment of Art DeFabio, the billionaire alpha mail financier who controls her life, and his friends. Can the sound political instincts and will to win that drove her to win the Presidency help her win the confrontation with her enemy, and triumph over DeFabio and his One Percenter friends? And can she overcome her old prejudices as she does so?

In "Corporate Training" former President MacCammon gets to know voters as she never did before, as seen here. Image courtesy of

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