Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Pantisoka Thongo & The Slavers of Alsoran Now on Sale on Smashwords

Book is available on Smashwords right here.

“Slavers of Alsoran” is probably the most self-important erotic parody of St@r W@rs ever written. But it also ruins other important science fiction franchises such as Foundation, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Superman, the Culture, Ringworld, Dune, Barbarella, UFO, and Avatar. It also also ruins some REALLY weird things like A Mighty Wind, Support Your Local Gunfighter, A Prairie Home Companion and your childhood. It’s got something to offend EVERYONE. In fact, it was named 2023’s Most Legally Actionable Novella by the Shyster Chamber of Commerce. In “Slavers of Alsoran” Pantisoka “Panti” Thongo, a secret agent for Bela Orgazmo, is home on Planet Alsoran from a tough mission. All she wants to do is go to her favorite kinky club and get her brains Mastered out. And sure enough, Panti’s sub friends at the club point out a handsome Master with crinkly brown eyes and a chin you could pound nails with, who really knows his way around a dungeon. But Gai Nwar is a little TOO smooth in Panti’s opinion. He COULD just be a guy with a thing for Rootugas. Such men weren’t rare, since Rootuga females were the only humanoid species known to have evolved the oral clit.
But Gai might also be a lureman with a shopping list. Evil harem owners on the crapsack worlds that fringed the Galactic Umpire also had a thing for Rootugas.
The voluntary slavegirls (as sexual submissives were called on crapsack worlds) didn’t have to be dragged kicking and screaming into their lairs, making them prizes for slavers. And that made Rootuga voluntary slavegirls like Panti super ultimate mega grand supreme prizes for slavers.
Gai might even be an agent for the evil shith lord Dearth Bother, a charred piece of bacon that had once been a juicy hamhock of a man, now bent on destroying all former Jiggli knights. The evening promises a night of sweet sex and submission with handsome, dominant Gai, or perhaps it will be a night of carving up slavers and shith lords with her twin light scimitars. Panti is ready for anything, because she’s just that kind of heroic slavegirl! Read this 33,000 word novella now and enjoy the filth and the fun that has made BDSM sci-fi erotic parody America’s most beloved sub genre!

Thursday, June 29, 2023

"Empire of Love" Is Now On Amazon!


Click here or on the cover art to get whisked away to Amazon, where you can get the book free if you have Kindle Unlimited. Just $2.99 if not.  

Writing as Barry Anderson, I've written a third book in the Collar World series which includes The Visitor from Incel World and The Love Invasion. Like the other two novels, it's not erotica (no explicit sex scenes) it's adult SF adventure. However, I have taken the lessons of John Norman to heart and placed plenty of fantasy fuel in the story. Hopefully everyone will lurve it. Or at least love it!

Here's the blurberino!

When Collar World’s time monitors discover a new timeline, they quickly realize they need out-of-the-box thinking and they need it fast. A brutal Old West theocracy on the alternate timeline, the Empire of Luvala, is hanging slaves for little or no reason, and with horrifying frequency.

So naturally the call goes out to the Laguna Beach Ladies’ Investigation Bureau, i.e., Nitro Wilde and Moxie Maven. After all, they helped head off a crosstime war between Incel World and Collar World when their timelines intermingled. And all they’re asked to do is sit in a conference room in Collar World and help come up with ideas to end the murderous reign of the Luvalans on Earth 4 (the newly discovered timeline) as quickly and with as little violence as possible.

Given enough time, the Collar Worlders could probably end the hangings with no violence at all. But every day’s delay means more innocent slaves will be brutalized and hanged. The clock is ticking and the sound is the fall of bodies through a gallows door.

Unfortunately, there was more going on on Earth 4 than meets the eye, and soon Moxie is struggling for her life while the leadership on Collar World may decide to abandon Earth 4 and everyone on it in the face of the possible destruction of Collar World itself!

It’s another exciting alternate world adventure that will keep you riveted as lives and the fates of worlds hang in the balance, as well as the fate of one innocent native American.

This 75,000 word novel is part of the Incel World series that began with “The Visitor from Incel World” and continues with “The Love Invasion” and this novel.


Thursday, February 9, 2023

"Bound for Bebop City" Is Now on Sale on Amazon and Smashwords


Click here to get the book on Smashwords.

Here's the short blurb:

Sweet, virginal Mincy lives in alternate timeline in the 1950s where everyone’s into sexual bondage and a drug called nersha renders teens uninterested in sex. But when they're taken off nersha after their 18th birthdays, the teens turn into frenzied sex maniacs, filled with animal need. How will Mincy cope with the mad passion driving her to submit sexually to a Master? Who will that Master be?

The 1950s was a profoundly weird period in American history. Supposedly it is the era that is nearest and dearest to the hearts of American cultural conservatives. It predated women’s liberation, the civil rights movement and the hippie movement, all of which they still despise.

Women were still mostly homemakers – even though many of them had had the experience of working in industrial and corporate jobs during World War II when so many American men were busy being machine gun fodder. And black people were out of sight and out of mind.

The role of women was so constrained that there’s a subniche of BDSM called “1950s domestic discipline” that exists, though I don’t think it’s huge. (I don’t think it’s huge because when I checked keywords on Amazon for “retro domestic discipline” I only got eight hits. When I searched for “1950s domestic discipline” I only got 34 hits: better but not exactly a landslide. However, the keywords “domestic discipline” (which I think is just code for spanking) got over 10,000 hits on Amazon. But I think that covers spankings from all time periods, within the context of a husband/wife relationship.

In any event, here’s a scholarly paper on 1950s domestic discipline which covers the topic well.

A lot was going on under the hood of the 1950s that would lead to all the things conservatives hate. This was most especially true in the areas of music and dance. While the older adults in the 1950s were still hung up on standards and leftover big band music the young kids were getting with the “race music” the early rocknroll songs that would soon rule the popular music scene. (It was called “race music” by some because it was a genre created mostly by black musicians. First jazz, now rocknroll… it drove the racists nuts.)

That’s part of the point of the dance hall scene at Pop’s Sodium Shoppe, to show rocknroll creeping in as the Bloomed (those who have gone off nersha and had their sexuality restored) dirty danced to the early rocknroll while the unbloomed shuffle danced to modern electro rock.

I chose modern shuffle dancing because I find it a joyful and expressive dance but not particularly sexual – an asexual sort of dance, still full of emotion and pleasure, though. Here’s a video of a great shuffle dance to “Lost in the Rhythm,” an electro-swing hit. (If you just search for “shuffle dance” you’ll find a lot of dances that incorporate sexy moves like twerking into the dance. They’re dances but not really shuffle dances.)

As for the Bloomed dancing, I was thinking of something like this scene from Dirty Dancing only with more acrobatics, lots of nudity and some actual fucking.

Much of my portrayal of the aesthetics of the 50s is informed various books on the topic, but you can easily get a feel for the imagery of the era by doing an image search for “Fifties Aesthetic.”

My initial idea for the story was to put a new spin on first time stories by having puberty delayed until age 18 but then have it hit like a runaway freight train, and how does a society cope with that? Everything else spun off from that central idea. I hope you enjoy it… I enjoyed writing it, though it was tough.

Thursday, December 22, 2022

"Virgin Slave Girls of Parados" Is Now on Smashwords

 My latest work is a novella, a steampunkish (steam power isn't widely in use just yet though it is being used for large industrial purposes, like pumping water out of mines) variation of the Old West. However, technology is advancing FAST, faster than anyone knows, in the Union, which is what the nascent United States is called in this timeline. Yes, it's an alternate world SF steampunkish sexual bondage erotic romance set in a variation of the Old West. Now, that's a NICHE!

(Actually, I'll call it historical erotica since that's an ACTUAL niche that really exists.)

The basic story is two friends who have just turned 18 go out for a night on the town in Parados in the Republic of Geronimo (think west Texas). Being adult women in a society where religion is pretty much just reverence for nature (and hence sex guilt tripping does not exist) and there's something called "slave medicine" that is a safe, sure, easy and effective method of birth control, they're both looking to get themselves collared and fucked.

Because of course in this alternative world everyone is also into maledom/femsub, basically master/slave sex.

I had so much fun fitting all this into a traditional Old West story. The best part was where I lifted a character from a classic Western comedy movie and put her in my story as is, though in a slightly different situation. (A hint: the movie is not "Blazing Saddles" but it is also a very funny movie that satirizes Western tropes very effectively.)

I also had fun inventing some bordello tech in a world without steam power.

I'm also very pleased at how the cover came out. It's basically two images that have been merged to form one. I spent hours looking for the right stuff on the commercial art site I use and found these gems. It wasn't luck, really, I took some deep dives into some rabbit holes on the site to find just the art I was looking for.

And the sex scenes were fun, too. I built toward the big sex scenes by including short sexy scenes in which Matty and Arlene meet various friends in town, including one in punishment stocks who's getting vigorously "punished" at the time (she's basically free use while in the stocks) one who's a pony girl, and one who's a slave whore with a tale to tell about how she became one. By the time Matty and Arlene get tied up and have their big sex scenes with their hunky Masters, they are, well, "hot and bothered" barely describes it!

Of course, I could be lying about all this. But I'm not. Read the book and find out... I dare you!

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Carissa Montgomery Feeling The Changes Coming


I made this vidcap from video number 35037, featuring Carissa Montgomery and The Pope doing a little sweaty wrasslin. It's amazing how often beautiful images show up in well made bondage videos. Just thought I'd share this one with you.

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

"Abducted, Roped & Raped: Enemies to Lovers" Now Available on Smashwords


Click on the pic to be whisked to Smashwords and get the novella!

"Abducted, Roped and Raped: Enemies to Lovers" was originally going to be titled “The Modern Bodice Ripper” because that’s what it is, a modern take on the bodice ripper theme in a contemporary taboo erotica setting.

(For those who don’t know, a bodice ripper is a subgenre of old-time romances that were essentially rape fantasies. They passed muster because they were not at all explicit, in fact, you could read a bodice ripper and never even know that a rape had occurred. They way it worked is, say an 18th century pirate captain captured a comely woman of good breeding after a sea battle. He drags her into his cabin and rips off her bodice (it’s some kind of undergarment they used to wear on the outside). She shrieks. Cut to some time later. They’re both fully dressed again. He’s all smirky and happy and she’s all shy and timid, as was the custom of the times. That’s how you knew a rape had occurred. That was about as explicit as it got in those days.)

Then I realized that the title would show up in alphabetical listings a lot better if it was just “Bodice Ripper.” So “Bodice Ripper” it was.

Then I did a little keyword research and discovered that “bodice ripper” isn’t exactly a popular keyword nowadays. I might be at the top of a pile of relatively rarely-searched-for titles, which means low sales because not many customers.

So I tried a different subgenre that fits the storyline along with some terms that describe what happens in the story. The title I came up with is “Abducted, Roped & Raped: Enemies To Lovers.”

That worked a lot better in the search engines. I’m on the second page of search results for “Enemies to Lovers” which is a term that gets over 10,000 hits on Smashwords. That’s MUCH improved.

Now as to the matter of updating the “Enemies to Lovers” trope, that has proven difficult for me. Since rapes were not only not explicit but could just barely be inferred in the old days, it was fairly easy for authors to sidestep the moral and ethical issues of rape just to slide a little fantasy fuel in there. (In fact, there’s a thread on Goodreads about 80s authors having to rewrite their books to eliminate even the INFERRED rape scenes in order to get published on Amazon, which has disappointed their fans who LIKED the original version.)

But I wrote an explicit bodice ripper: the male lead (Cal) repeatedly rapes the female lead (Melody) and it’s described in long, explicit detail, “rape for titillation” as the Smashwords form describes it.

Now I’m personally fine with writing “rape for titillation” fiction. Basically it’s because fiction isn’t real, and publishing rape fantasy fiction doesn’t make rape more commonplace (or “normalized”). I wrote a blog post explaining why with cites and everything. Click here to read it.

Clearly, my morality is not the basis on which censorship exists. Censorship exists on the basis of “I’m in power, I make the rules, f&&k you, writer.” In the case of Amazon I’m sure it’s a matter of balancing on the edge between profitability (they don’t care really about the morality of what they publish) and how much shit the prudes are shoveling over this and that. (“Prude” being my term for whoever advocates censoring sexuality in fiction, whatever their declared rationale might be.)

But the problem was, I had to figure out a way to write characters who might reasonably behave as bodice ripper characters do, in the modern day. And that was tough. Frankly, it was unreasonable behavior for the historical times it was supposed to be in.

So what I did was look for a character who was well outside traditional morality. And I feel I created one in Melody Chastain. Is she your average girl next door? Of course not, nor should she be. But I feel that a character like the one I created might conceivably have done what my character did under the same circumstances.

You’ll just have to read the novella to find out what she did and why and decide for yourself on that point. Bwahaha! as they say...