Monday, September 23, 2013

Big Changes Ahead

British actress Sheridan Smith bound, gagged, naked and getting fucked, just one of three new actresses inducted into the Celebrity Bondage section of Bondagerotica.

Today's news, I've inducted three new celebrities: Gwen Stefani, Sheridan Smith (Love Soup, a Brit TV series) and Sibel Kikelli (Game of Thrones)into the Celebrity Bondage section of I've also updated the listings for several existing celebrity bondagettes whose links ran to a single article that included images of the, giving them their own pages. They are: Naomi Watts, Francois Yip, Dina Myer, Heather Matarazzo, Ogla Kurylenko, and Carolyn Ducey. The link for the Celebrity Bondage site goes to the mainstream listing site on Bondagerotica because the description has separate listings for each actress, including the ones whose sites have been updated. You can click here to go to the Celebrity Bondage department index.

The Big Changes

As you'll recall, a couple of months ago, Google threatened to dump all the Blogger sites that had adult affiliate links on them, which mine had hundreds of. So I cleaned em up and continued, but as you'll note there have been few posts this summer. What's the use, really, if Google can fuck up all my work with a wave of their hands.

Strangely enough, my hit count has not gone down at all. My stats show that the main driver for Politically Sexy hits has been my celebrity-related posts, and those account for only a small percentage of my total posts.

Then a week or two ago I got an affiliate check from and was surprised to note that it was for about twice what it normally is. I had had more signups WITHOUT the blog that I had WITH it.

Obvious inference: Politically Sexy has not been driving my signups, Bondagerotica has. And since there's no Google playing nanny over Bondagerotica, it's completely under my control.

So from here on out, Bondagerotica will be my first order of business, and Politically Sexy will be just a way to publicize Bondagerotica. Might as well grab them eyeballs whilst I can. And if Google at some points decides to go all squeaky-clean and dump all its adult blogs, and surely that is the direction it is headed in, I can safely say "Fuck you, Google" and move on. Very satisfying! I feel so validated in not trusting Google any further than I can throw it.

Sunday, September 15, 2013