Tuesday, March 26, 2019

"Run, Sluts, Run! See Sluts Run!" -- A new bundle of three stories on Amazon!

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Keeping it light, funny, sexy and science fictional, these three kinky stories are set in the future, and deal with women who race in three different ways, for stakes varying from dear freedom itself to a commendation for an office job well done, to fame and fortune, and of course for the sheer pleasure of it.

In “The Slut Run” we have a conflicted feminist graduate student who spends her days writing papers on nanoagression, but on Friday nights goes out and gets drunk and strips naked in bars, daring anyone (man or woman, she's bisexual) to catch her, collar her and make her their slave girl, which is legal on her planet. It's a BDSM romp with fun for all.

In “Office Slave” we have two office slavegirls (a job category even lower, though not much lower, than interns!) competing in a race where they are naked, bound to bouncy balls, and race through a crowded office, for the chance to get commendations from the office workers, which might possibly lead to an actual job where they'll be paid, just like real workers! She's also racing to deliver a message to an executive, but everybody keeps grabbing her and having sex with her. Not that she minds – that's why she took the job, after all.

And in “Slut Race 3250!,” set in the far distant future, we have an interplanetary slut racer, a pro who, along with her Master, is an expert at manipulating her own and others' sexual responses even when she's bound and gagged and helpless. It's a race to see who can make who succumb to their own sexual feelings, and it's a top interstellar sport, as others can hitch a telepathic ride on her and her opponent's sexual feelings. Fame, fortune and millions of stellarbucks, and millions of orgasms hang on the outcome of the slut race!

As you can probably tell from the summaries, these are all fun stories set in a future of amped-up, maxed-out sexual bondage fun that awaits us all. The stories total over 47,000 words. Bon appetit!

Each of these stories was previously published under the titles listed here: if you have already bought them you will not find anything new. If not, the price of this volume is the same as the prices of the stories when they were sold individually … a real deal … you can't lose!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Campus Slut Run -- A KInky Spring Romp!

It's Spring, and the Campus Sluts Are Stripping Naked, Putting On Their Free Use Collars and Running Around Campus, Ready To Be Grabbed, Tied Down and Fucked By Any Man That Can Catch Them! And Boy Do They Get Chased! But If They Get Inside A Building, They're Safe ... Poor Things!

That's the basic concept of a campus slut run, and what fun I have with it! It's just a spring short story, and it's just 99 cents if you buy, free on Kindle Unlimited. Enjoy!

And if you want to know what inspired me to write the story, well, there's a reason my protagonist is named "Michelle"