Tuesday, December 19, 2017

"The Night Christmas Got Real" Is on Amazon, Just In Time For Christmas, Also "Enslaved" Is Free For Five Days!

You can pick up this beauty at Amazon by following this link. Cover art by K. M. O'Shea.

Simiyuki Simmons was an Asian-American who was a long way away from her country of origin, culturally and personally. She thought of herself as an all-American California girl. But she also longed to be the right guy's hentai heroine, doing all sorts of kinky, sexy things while totally under his control. Unfortunately, there were an awful lot of wrong guys out there. She had never met one that even came close to being the right one.

Joe Culpepper was a gamer, leading a lonely and impoverished life as an auto parts picker. He was a large, powerfully built man, but was still very shy around women. What if he spoke the truth of his heart to them, that he wanted to dominate them in bed and make them do all sorts of deliciously sexy things? They might think he was pervert. And he wasn't a pervert. He was just kinky.

Christmas magic will have its way with these two, and help them learn that love and trust are the true sources of Christmas joy, in a way that will warm more than their hearts.

This story is 13,500 words long.

Also, here's a link to Enslaved ... available free Dec. 20-24. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 1, 2017

My latest story, "The Slut Run, Is Based On A Post from my FandSFslavegrils subreddit

This post in fact. The story is based on what I came up with in the comments. I thought "That might make a fun story" and I was right about that.
One thing you need to know about the story: it's not erotica. There are no explicit descriptions of sex anywhere in it. There is sex, but it's cloaked in romance-speak. Bodies are united, pleasure is had, but you aren't going to hear about how those bodies were arranged, what toys were used, and who did what to whom, though you'll be in an excellent position to make some educated guesses.
I put the book under the Romantic Comedy and Humorous genres. You only get to pick two genres in Amazon. It could easily have gone under the Science Fiction genre, as it's set on a different planet with very different rules about how the sexes conduct themselves.
But the book is basically a sex comedy. A raunchy, fun sex comedy. There is no sex comedy subgenre on Amazon, so I had to go with "romantic comedy" which isn't too far off. But it's not really a romance. It's more about the protagonist finally getting rid of her inhibitions and having sex with people. It's mostly intended to be a funny, fun read. We'll see how that works out!
And oh, yeah, this is the song that most definitely goes with the story, an old Bob Seger tune.
Here's the blurb:
So here's the blurb for my story:
Cyndi was a very conservative young feminist who enjoyed nothing more than the tedious academic arguments about gender that came naturally to her as a brilliant graduate student in the Gender Studies program at good ol' Goof U (aka the Grand Unified Free University of Colombo 7).
But Cyndi had a secret, a secret she kept even from herself. Every couple of weeks or so, she got very drunk at Gavigan's Tavern, stripped off her clothes, screamed “I am a slut!” and ran out the front door, knowing that she would be pursued by half the tavern's patrons. Because the first one to catch her and put a collar on her could claim her as his or her love slut.
It was called a slut run, a huge mass of drunken students pouring out on to the university grounds in hot pursuit of a naked woman. Who would catch Cyndi? She had run many times, always escaping. But Joe the handsome, charming bartender at Gavigan's had plans for Cyndi. As did Moira, a hot, kinky dominant woman who made Cindy's submissive knees weak.
And also seeking Cyndi were half the patrons at Gavigan's. She led them all a merry chase, and arguably was leading herself on a merry chase as well. What would happen on the day she got caught?
It's a fun run for everyone involved, even Cyndi, and especially for you!
This story is 14,196 words long.